Multi-family and Large Projects siding

“…Trident‘s contributions and expertise have been invaluable. They have consistently delivered quality results in a timely and cost effective manner. Without their involvement, the success of this project could not be assured…” – Andrew Gorlick

Construction Manager at Polygon Construction’s Southpointe Project BBY.

Our Goal in Multifamily/Large projects construction is to be the preferred contractor for all major and top quality builders in the lower mainland. Already receiving projects with the top builders in Vancouver, we hope that by working with engineers/envelope consultants, improving quality techniques, using the best quality materials and workmanship, and consistently going above and beyond builders expectations, we can add our name to more builder’s lists every year, while maintaining our good relationships currently held.

With the leaky condo scare over the last 10 years, Trident has been an instrumental advocate for the building envelope consultants. We have worked with many consultants to establish standards for exterior cladding installation and waterproofing, and, many times, helping consulting companies design their envelope details. See our “Trade Links” section for a list of consultants we have worked with.

Our quality management team is constantly attending seminars for better building practices, safety, and site coordination. We have our own CSO and our forces are trained in basic first aid. In the Estimating department, we are constantly looking for more techniques for improving efficiency in order to give the most accurate price possible. This will reduce the amount of Extras throughout and will give the builder a true account of what will go on their building.

The materials used, and how they are installed is of the utmost importance regarding the aesthetic look of a building and the manufacturer’s warranty for their materials. Trident uses careful inspection to ensure all materials are of premium quality. Our quality manager then inspects the installations to ascertain proper techniques are being used.

When a Builder starts a project, one thing that almost always happens is trade hold-ups. This is a typical occurrence and is to be expected, however, we at Trident pride ourselves in exhausting all options and resources to ensure these hold-ups are never caused by us. Our qualified skilled installers have also been know to perform duties above an beyond the scope of work, in an effort to spare valuable time, and meet construction deadlines.

These measures we take are important to us. They set us apart from all other siding companies in the Greater Vancouver area. We hope to work for you one day to prove our competency, and if we have worked for you already, we hope to keep your business for years to come. Nothing instills pride like seeing an award winning project with an exterior installed by us, Trident Exteriors.