Products Available

Vinyl Siding and Soffits
Horizontal Vinyl:
Triple 3 (3” exposure) Double 4 (4“ exposure)
Double 4.5 (4-½” exposure) Double 5 (5“ exposure)
**Each of the above comes in 3 Lap types: Bevel, Cove, or Dutchlapped**
Vertical Vinyl: Board and Batten (typically 8“ on center for batten spacing)
Shakes Vinyl:
Nailite The Foundry Rough sawn
Soffit Types:
Perforated Solid
**Soffits are available in Double 4 , Double 5, and Quadruple 4 panels**
Suppliers: Convoy Vinyl
Gentek Vinyl
Mitten Vinyl
**Trident recommends Raindog Rainscreen clips behind most vinyl sidings.**
Fiber Cement Siding and Trims
Prefinished: Colorplus by James Hardie
(available in 5”, 6” and 7” exposures with smooth or Cedarmill grain patterns)Weiss Cascade prefinished system
Uses almost any fiber cement manufacturers product and puts a durable prefinished coat on it. Available with any size, texture, or type of fiber cement product.
  **each comes with minimum 25 year warranty, and an array of colour choices**
Horizontal: Cedarmill, or Smooth. Exposure of siding can be 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, 8”
Vertical: Cedarmill, smooth, Sierra 8, or Stucco finishes are available in 4×8, 4×9, and 4×10 panels
Shingles: Individual shingles (installed staggered or straight), or panels available.
5/4” or 1” thick (Certainteed, James Hardie) or 7/16” (Certainteed)
Suppliers: Convoy Supply
Northcoast Building products
Dicks Lumber
Cedar Siding
Shakes and Shingles: Cedar shakes primed, pre-stained, or raw available in No.1, No.2, or No.3’s
Lapped siding:
 4“ 6“ 8“ exposures available in Dutch lapped, regular, or bevel.
Tongue & Groove Cedar Channel
Suppliers Northcoast Building products
Pattar Cedar
Teal jones Group
Direct Cedar Supply
Trim Accents
Comb faced Smart side composite trims
Cedar Douglas fir
Pressure treated Cementitous
Suppliers: Northcoast Building products
Dicks Lumber
  • advantages are: cheap, moderately corrosive, readily available
  • disadvantages are: uses a process that includes arsenic, which is poisonous. However it is only leached out of the wood when it gets wet, which should not happen when on the wall with properly installed siding and trims.
  • advantages are: cheap, mildly corrosive, available
  • disadvantages: treatment can be washed away with water. Again, this shouldn’t be a problem when siding is installed properly.
  • advantages: treatment not poisonous, doesn’t wash away.
  • disadvantages: EXTREMELY corrosive! Stainless only in contact with this. Also, this is not as cheap as CCA, coupled with the increase in fastener costs. Also, this is not always readily available.
Raindog Siding clips (vinyl siding only)
  • advantages: increased wind load resistance, ease of installation, cheapest, higher percentage Rainscreen cavity (more cross ventilation), non corrosive, non poisonous.
  • disadvantages: New product that can make municipalities nervous.
Suppliers: Convoy Supply
Northcoast Building products
Dicks Lumber
Accessories and Essentials:
Raindog innovative building products are used extensively on all our projects.

The Mounting plates for light fixtures, hose bibs, and plug mounts incorporate water shedding capabilities.
Also, Raindog’s combined starter strip/bug screen is the perfect tool for providing a fully vented wall cavity while protecting it from insects.

Suppliers: Convoy Vinyl
Gentek Vinyl
Mitten Vinyl