Single Family Siding

“A quality siding product not only improves the appearance of your home, it reduces utility costs and increases the value.”
If you are trying to sell a house, you have to get your customers to come to the door. What gets the customers to your door is how nice your house looks. Once you have them at the door, how good is workmanship on the exterior? Will they notice siding out of parallel? Will they notice inconsistencies in the caulking at the windows?

Most general public can not tell the difference between an adequate siding installation, and a top quality installation. The professionals who can tell the difference are: quality builders, envelope consultants, and Trident Exteriors

These days Homeowners old and new are realizing the importance of what goes on the outside of their home. Almost equally important is who puts it on. With the advent of new building codes coming up for the Greater Vancouver area, all new home exteriors are required to have a Rainscreen. Most siding companies are unaware of how a typical siding installation will differ when using a Rainscreen. At Trident, we pride ourselves on our innovative techniques to deflect water away from your home. We also take pride in our finished product making sure a consistent product was installed that looks, and will continue to look, great for years. Take a peak at our past single family housing projects.